From the Desk of CEO, Shelia Triplett

None of us a few months ago could have imagined the world we’re living in today. A pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people across the world and is still the number one health crisis in America. COVID-19 has changed how we interact socially, crippled our economy, exposed the inequities in our healthcare system and changed forever our belief that something of this magnitude could ever happen here.

As the government grapples with creating a national response, it is the local and state governments who have stepped up and created plans and strategies and inspired the hope that together we will get to the other side of this and together we will create a new normal.

The pandemic is overwhelming enough, then there was George Floyd, a demonstration of racism so blatant that it shook a nation already reeling from COVID 19 into action and created a moment that has evolved into a movement that has spurred a collective cry from Black and White alike, saying Black Lives Matter. This conversation about race, which is long overdue, has exposed for many the work that still needs to be done in this country concerning race and equity. It is for times such as these that Community Action programs like MYCAP were created over 55 years ago. Social Justice is in our DNA and activisms and advocating is what we do. The program was born out of the War on Poverty; and is controversial in concept because of who we were mandated to serve.

MYCAP stands with those who want to see an America that protects, uplifts, celebrates and creates equal opportunities for all its citizens; where color doesn’t limit or deny access to the liberties and freedoms in which this country professes to believe. MYCAP stands with those who are tired of empty words, promises and platitudes about how far we have come. We’re tired of being asked for time and patience from Black folks who have been patient and waiting for change for much too long. MYCAP knows that we are much better than the actions of those who refuse to see that the only race is the human race and that humanity, safety, care and dignity are the rights of all. MYCAP knows that division and hate will never make America great. This is a defining moment for this country; we need to dig deep and become the very best version of ourselves. Finally, for my personal thoughts I’d like to paraphrase James Baldwin, who said,” you always tell me change is going to take time, how many more years? It has taken my time, my mother’s time, my grandmother’s time, my brother’s and sister’s time, my niece’s, and my nephew’s time. How much more time do you want for your progress?”. The time is now America, the time is now!

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the MYCAP board members for their extra support and encouragement during this COVID-19 crisis. 

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